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The ONE secret you need to write great sales copy.

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This blog post is going to show you exactly what you need to do to start writing sales copy that really works. If you are struggling to write sales copy that converts, this formula will help you structure what you write so your copy will start making sale after sale after sale.

Picture this: You are given a new assignment on Monday morning. You have to write the sales copy for your client's new product. You have all the information, but now you need to actually write. Normally this could take anywhere from two days to two weeks to get this done. But now you get to write it in less than half that time. In fact you are finished by mid afternoon so you surprise your children by picking them up from school and taking them out for ice cream.

Marketers like Bob Bly, Derek Halpern, and Ryan Deiss have been using this method for years and have built enormous companies worth millions of dollars off the back of this secret. It is by far the simplest sales copy structure available today.

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How to write great sales copy
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What I just did...

What I just did, in those opening paragraphs, is use the simplest sales copy method that I have found, to (hopefully) get you interested enough to continue reading.

The method is called "The 4 Ps".

They are quite simply:

1. Promise - This is where you tell your prospect exactly what they are going to be receiving. Make it ONE big thing.

Make a promise that you can keep and one that is real, tangible, and most importantly, speaks to their pain points.

For example: "The one book you MUST read if you want to lose 20 lbs in 6 weeks" is a better promise than "Read this book to find out how to lose weight, feel good, get healthy, find a girlfriend, and be an inspiration to your family, all in a very short amount of time."

That second promise feels forced, intangible and non-specific. It also runs the risk of leaving people disappointed when they are unable to achieve all those things.

And make sure you can fulfil your promise!

2. Picture - This is where you encourage your prospect to imagine a different future.

For example: "Picture this: you are walking down the beach, the sun is blazing, the sky is blue, and the sand is that beautiful pale white you only seem to see in brochures. You do something you would never have done before. You reach down and take off your t-shirt. And whereas before you would have felt self-conscious, this time you feel proud. You know that people are looking at you for all the right reasons. Your flat stomach and strong chest glisten in the sun as you dive into the waves. You've never felt this good before."

Works much better than: "In 6 weeks' time you will have lost weight and will have to buy some smaller trousers. You will also be eating more vegetables, getting lots of healthy nutrition and having regular bowel movements. At some point someone might comment that you have lost weight. You will also be between 15 and 20 lbs lighter."

People need to be able to imagine the dream future. People don't buy things, they buy results. And they only buy results that they can imagine. So if you can implant an image in their mind of the future or the transformation that they want, then you can sell them what they need to help them reach that goal.

Apple do this very well. They sold an idea.

"Think different" they said, immediately conjuring up ideas of art, creativity, rebellion. Something for the new generation. The non-PC generation.

They sold an idea, whereas the other computer companies sold facts and figures: "This computer has 16GB of SDRAM and 3.7Ghz of processing power, running through a 64-Bit processor, bla, bla, bla, yawn..."

Make sure you use the phrase "Picture this..."

A future worth dreaming about!

3. Proof - This is where you will use proof; evidence that this works. Either show studies: "A little known Harvard study in 2013 showed that eating 17 baked beans before every meal will help you lose up to 4 lbs of fat every week..."

Or have customer testimonials: "This is the best diet book I've ever read. I lost 14 lbs in the first 3 weeks and it's still coming off!" Jane Doe, Southampton, UK.

Or, if you don't have either of those, quote well known people in the industry, as I did above, when I mentioned people like Ryan Deiss, Derek Halpern, etc.

Show them it works!

4. Push - This is the final piece of the puzzle where you encourage people to take action.

It could be as simple as "Click here to find out more" or it could be "Buy My Product Now".

A clear call to action will ensure more people do what you need them to do to help them achieve the results they want.

Adding some scarcity to this push will ensure people take action immediately rather than at a later date.

Some people just need a little push...






Try using this in your copywriting and let me know what results you get!

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