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5 Easy Ways to Free Up Some Bandwidth In Your Life

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At 5.30am we stand at the top of the hill in the Mt Cook national park in New Zealand to celebrate that awesome sunrise.The photo was taken with the self-timer.
Photographer: Pablo Heimplatz | Source: Unsplash

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like every minute of every day is filled with stuff.

Whether it's work, calls with clients, picking up children from school, taking children to after school activities, or just trying to keep on top of all the things that are going on in my life... There is often very little time for myself.

So I've decided to find ways to clear a little bandwidth to allow me to think.

To just be.

Here's what I've found that works for me:

1. Plan your day the night before.

By doing this I find I don't waste a lot of brainpower trying to work out what to do in the morning and I'm actually a lot more productive.

2. Automate your bookings.

By using an automated booking system which links in to your calendar you won't find yourself wasting time and energy with back and forths. You know what I mean:

"Can you meet Thursday?" "No, I can do Friday though" "I can't do Friday, how about Monday..." etc.

We've all been there.

My favourite appointment booking system is Book Like A Boss. It's super easy to use and looks very professional.

Take a look here: https://geni.us/blab

3. Start your day with some light exercise.

This is one I struggle with. Although I know that when I do my whole day goes better. I try to get out for a 30 minute walk before starting work. I don't mind the walk, but I struggle with the idea that I could be working instead of walking.

(nevermind the fact that I get a lot more done if I have been for a walk than if I haven't...)

4. Plan your social media in advance.

There are some great scheduling softwares out there that can help you get your message out to people without you having to think of something on the spot. I personally love using amplifr.com, but you can use any scheduling software. Get a load of posts written and scheduled once a week or once a month and then you don't have to think too much about Social Media every day.

Alternatively, consider investing in a pre-made Social Media content plan. One that I use and is great for both inspiration and for those times when I can't think of something to say can be found here.

5. Batch

Batch your work. Focus on completing similar tasks at the same time. It has been shown that every time you switch focus to another task, such as answering email, checking your Facebook, or reading your notifications that can't help but pop up on your phone, it takes a full 27 minutes to get back to the same mental state you were in before you switched tasks.

So turn off your notifications and focus on one specific job until you have finished it. Write your blog posts for the month in one sitting. Answer all your emails in one sitting. Create all the graphics you will need for the week.

Whatever it is, don't keep switching tasks as this will waste a lot of time and use up significant brainpower to get you back to the original task in hand.

Hopefully these are useful tips for helping clear some bandwidth in your work life.

What do you do that I haven't mentioned to clear bandwidth in your life?

Leave a comment below. :-)